Reef in Brief: Dolphins sighted in Singapore! and more

Dolphins sighted: videos, photos! New Coastal and Marine Environment Programme in Singapore. But floods in Johor are of concern. The Coral Triangle is raised at Bali; and there's been another massive oil spill, in the North Sea.

Siyang spots DOLPHINS again! At St. John's Island on his urban forest blog. And shortly after, Chee Kong spots dolphins too, also at St. John's see his YouTube clip.

NParks is looking to fill positions for the Coastal and Marine Environment Programme, an inter-agency initiative to strengthen Singapore's capacity in areas related to the coastal and marine environment! Looking forward to learning more about this initiative.

There have been floods in Johor since about a week ago with thousands evacuated. What do floods have to do with our marinelife? Earlier this year, massive flooding in Johor was followed by mass deaths on Chek Jawa. Kok Sheng is carrying out a project to monitor the recovery at Chek Jawa following this incident. Let's hope the current floods will not have a similar aftermath.

The Bali Climate Talks provided an opportunity to highlight the need to conserve the Coral Triangle. The Coral Triangle spans 5.7 million square kilometres from the northern tip of the Philippines to the Indian Ocean below Singapore and as far west as the Solomon Islands. While it covers just two per cent of the world's ocean, it contains 76 per cent of all known coral species and 53 per cent of the world's coral reefs.

Just after the oil spill in South Korea there's been another massive oil spill in the North Sea. About 25,000 barrels of oil were spilled. By comparison, the Exxon Valdez tanker spilled about 240,000 barrels of crude.

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