Reefs in Brief: Labrador Nature Reserve, Sentosa reclamation

Port expansion plans will take place next to Labrador Nature Reserve soon. The media reports "Singapore port project: $20m to limit harm to environment" while blogs show views of the situation on the ground.

Meanwhile reclamation at Sentosa for the Integrated Resort continues apace. Plans to use captive dolphins for spa therapy at the Sentosa IR are announced, at the same time that a report suggests that dolphin therapy is a dangerous fad.

Other Singapore shore news: Chek Jawa intertidal tours will no longer be free as of Jan 08.

Elsewhere some good news: A study finds that whale sharks visiting Ningaloo are thriving, another study shows that conserving green turtle nesting sites helps these turtles recover, commercial fish collectors agree to stop harvesting clownfishes at Keppel Island, Great Barrier Reef.

And a thought-provoking article "Blue in green: It's time to put greens in their place" about the need to highlight blue conservation work.

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