Birds of our wild shores: a special article

Did you know that this is the most numerous bird on Singapore's shores?

And did you know that this bird has two different kinds of plumage? One in dull 'winter coat' and a more dashing one in 'summer'?

Singapore Changi Airport is well known as the No. 1 for air travel. But did you know that our shores are also a key stop over for the marvellous birds that fly from Siberia to Australia and New Zealand every year?

These amazing birds rely on the shores as refuelling stops on their grueling journeys.

Budak shares a special feature especially for the International Year of the Reef 2008, with fascinating details about the bewildering variety of shorebirds that visit Singapore every year.

From herons to ducks, plovers to pipers, eagles to egrets, learn more about how so many different shorebirds can feed off the same shore. He also shares some of the many perils that threaten them.

More on his annotated budak blog with links to amazing photos on his flickr set of birds.

You CAN make a difference for our shores birds
Learn more about them by visiting our shores. The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve has lots of information, facilities and knowledgeable guides who can share all about these birds.

Share what you observe or find out. The bird ecology study group has an excellent blog which features behaviour and observations by ordinary people of our birds. Infact, there just this instant an entry about a new Plover observed for Singapore and Malaysia.

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