Pulau Hantu Reefs are alive!

The Hantu Blog shares photos and stories of their first dive of 2008 on this fabulous living reef in Singapore!

"Despite the turbid water conditions, our enthusiastic divers were totally excited about reaching the depths of Hantu and navigating its dark and tricky seabed for the chance to see a tigertail seahorse!"

Debby shares more! ...

"We had all sorts of wacky currents running at various depths in the water and we had an over cast sky that threatened rain the whole morning!

We had an interesting bunch of divers for this trip, 4 teachers at secondary and Junior College levels, and 2 researchers - one terrestrial (our volunteer Ming Sheng) and another who’s doing a study of the rabbit fish in local reefs!"

Read more about the dive and see more gorgeous photos on the pulau hantu blog.

Registration is open for the next Hantu dive on 17 Feb (Sun). Sign up now or sign up with the hantu blog mailing list to be updated on upcoming dives.

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