Reefs in Brief: Labrador updates, Great Barrier Reef, breakwaters and tiger prawns

New hope for Labrador as concrete slabs are being removed on the justin dive blog, but some questions about protection for a Nature Reserve on the Labrador blog. See also MPA's reply to littering on Labrador on the blooooooooooo blog.

More commercialisation of our Southern shores as Keppel Island developments are launched.

Great Barrier Reef shrinking to slimy seaweed forest due to sedimentation and pollution runoff from the land onto the Reef.

Do breakwaters and beach nourishment save beaches from being washed away?

Do you know where your tiger prawns come from? And more about the role and threats to mangroves: "One third of South-East Asian fish landed are dependent on mangroves during their life cycle".

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