Add YOUR reef event to the calendar!

False clown anemonefishes (better known as Nemo) are still commonly seen on our reefs!All groups and individuals are welcomed to submit reef events, activities and projects. Nothing too small or too big, too short or too long-term.

Here's all you need to do!

Just email the executive group at the following details:

(a) Your name/your group's name
(b) Some background about yourself/your group (you may include a url link to further details)
(c) Name of your reef activity
(d) Brief details of the activity(you may include a url link to further details)
(e) Date of the activity (it is alright if your activity ends after 2008)
(f) Contact person for more details of your activity
(g) Url link to your blog/website

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Octopuses are very commonly encountered on our reefs, especially at night

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