Dugong Ambassadors for May Day outreach at Chek Jawa

The homeschool kids led by Joseph Lai will hold a May Day Outreach at Chek Jawa to celebrate International Year of the Reef 2008.

For the event, 32 homeschool kids will be painting a Mural at House No. 1 of Chek Jawa to depict our fabulous sea creatures. They will also be reaching out to visitors as Dugong Ambassadors and removing rubbish from the shores.

May Day Outreach has been made possible by the following collaborators.

Sponsor Intel Singapore: Not only is Intel financing the whole event, up to 66 Intel staff will be helping the kids with their various activities on May Day. Intel will be planting a few native trees at Chek Jawa too.

Master Artist Tham Pui San and fellow artists - Deborah Tay, Evelyn Mah, Joyce Lim, Evonne Tay, Hermie Van Laar, Adelene Yuen and Amy Sammy. They will be teaching the kids how to paint mural and will be guiding the kids on the actual painting of the wall.

Naturalists Angie Ng and Andrew Tay: They will be helping as co-facilitators on May Day.

Last but not least, our May Day Outreach would not have been possible without the endorsement and help from the Pulau Ubin Management team (Nparks) headed by Mr Robert Teo.

More details on the flying fish friends blog.

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