Chek Jawa May Day outreach touches hearts

"To many of us who spend more than 10 hours a day in the office, this May Day 2008 outreach event is an excellent opportunity for us to reach back out to nature, to contribute our little effort to make a difference and to reflect on what other things we can do to save the environment."

Joseph Lai has shared some of the heartfelt responses of those who participated in the May Day outreach at Chek Jawa.

"Our Precious Gem: I always thought that we have to travel very far to see 'live' underwater creatures in Tioman or somewhere in Malaysia or in other further shores. I remember when we paid our first visit to Chek Jewa few years back, we were so thrilled to see that we have these little beautiful creatures moving around in Singapore shore."

"As a parent, I could not wish for a better project for my child to undertake. He learns more about environment and social responsibility, science and art, community and humanity, from people who are passionate about them."

Read all the comments on the flying fish friends blog with links to more about the event.

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