Last lows of 2008

On the dark moonless nights of the last not so low tides of 2008, more shores were explored. The 'moon slug' was spotted again! As well as other surprises: marine and terrestrial on our islands.

The Hantu Bloggers had their last dive of the year at the fantastic reefs of Pulau Hantu. The intrepid Chay Hoon captured a whole host of the marvellous marine life there. Such as seahorses, icon sea stars, ovulid snails on sea fans and lots and lots of slugs. Including this very greedy nudibranch!
The Semakau Book Project brought many nature lovers to Pulau Semakau again. The Butterfly Circle in just one quick visit came up with 18 species of butterflies! John, an expert on bees and wasps also came along and share more about this gianormous hornet's nest on the island!
While more mangroves were explored with an encounter with Avicennia marina just off the seawall.

The Vertebrate Group (aka the Verters) also made an evening trip to check out the island. These experts helped those unfamiliar with life above the high water mark, to find the vertebrates on Pulau Semakau. There were frogs and toads and geckoes, even right on the tarmac!In the dark, the experts detected signs of bats and night birds. While other large marine life in the mangroves were seen, including a humungous Mud crab!
The blue skies made even sad situations look nice, and the weather was glorious for landscape shots, although the mozzies made things challeging.

Meanwhile a visit to Sultan Shoal by other shore explorers revealed some interesting fiddler crabs and other sightings.
Diehard shore explorers spent the absolute last low tide of 2008 at the Sisters Island. Where marvellous video clips of 'Nemos' were shot, and the spotted Moon-headed side-gill slug made an appearance, while two sea snakes said hello.As the tides were not very low during this period, other less glamorous shores were also examined with some surprises! There were stars on Sembawang shores And stars too at Pasir Ris and on the reclaimed shores of Lazarus. Kranji was a little disappointing and Seletar was viewed only from afar.

There were also belated updates about amazing marine life on Siloso Beach Sentosa on the aptly named Lazy Lizard's Tales blog.
The Naked Hermit Crabs also had a great time at the last guided Chek Jawa Boardwalk tour for the year.

The first super low tides of 2009 are fast approaching in a few days' time. No doubt more shore discoveries will be made!

Happy 2009 Everyone!

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