Otter spotted at Sungei Tampines!

IYOR just came across this notice on the Pasir Ris NParks website: "This cute fella was spotted by one of our staff at Sungei Tampines earlier this month! A rare sight indeed."

Wow! That's a great sighting indeed!


Ivan said...

Apparently, a smooth otter was spotted at Sungei Buloh yesterday (Feb 2)

ria said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that!

It seems we've got so many of these animals that it's hard to keep up with sightings :-)


Debby said...

I was at SBWR on Jan 31 and spotted 3 otters at the main bridge :)

ria said...

Amazing! This is so exciting!

I'm quite jealous of all these sightings. Well, I guess, to see them one must go out and visit our mangroves :-)

Thanks for sharing!