Another dolphin sighting!

Amazing sighting today shared by Jun on her ashira blog

She shares: "Just as I was getting back on the boat, the boatmen went "Dolphin dolphin!" And lo and behold, there they were. 3-4 of them grey ones (think probably bottlenoses) were breaching every once in a while as they went with the currents". She also added "the boatmen keep telling us they spot the dolphins regularly".

Wow! It's exciting to know we still have these wild magnificent animals on our reefs!

List of previous sightings in our waters compiled on wildsingapore.

Here's some latest news wild dolphins in general ...

103 whales, dolphins and dugong found dead in Queensland, 2006
Humans to blame for sealife toll
Brian Williams, 31 Jan 08;

Dolphin hunt sags amid mercury fears
Joseph Coleman, Associated Press Yahoo News 30 Jan 08;

Bangladesh's majestic dolphins at risk
Alastair Lawson, BBC News 28 Jan 08;

'Tougher laws' to protect friendly dolphins
Brian Unwin, The Telegraph 22 Jan 08;

more of the latest news about dolphins on the wildsingapore news blog

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