Kusu Island: our city reefs!

Less than 6km from the city centre and 15 minutes by speedboat are living reefs on little Kusu Island!

At high tide, white reclaimed sand rings the swimming lagoons. Where city folks and their families can take a break.
But as the tide goes out, the wonderful marine life right in the lagoon is revealed!
The Blue Water Volunteers conduct guided reefwalks so ordinary people can explore our very own wild reefs. No need to swim, no need to dive!

And what can you see? Corals of course! Also sea stars, fishes, crabs, slugs and more. Sam shares on his ramblings of a peculiar nature blog what he and his friends saw on their first visit to Kusu Island just last week!

When the tide is REALLY low, and we are lucky, we might get to see 'Nemo', our very own clown anemonefishes, happily swimming among the anemones on the shore.
MORE blog entries about trips to Kusu Island, and MORE photos of marine life on Kusu Island.

The reefs of Kusu Island are also spectacular underwater!
The Blue Water Volunteers saw this underwater garden when they conducted the reef survey at Kusu Island on Jun 07! Minsheng took the photo.

This fantastic pink feather star was among the sightings during a Kusu dive in Nov 07, shared on the colourful clouds blog. And MORE photos of Kusu underwater on Pocillopora's flickr set.

Kusu Island is better known for its Chinese temple. Although few realise it lies next to equally fabulous shores...
More in upcoming articles, about the legends and shrines on this tiny but fascinating island.

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