Our sea turtles

Sea turtles are still seen our shores. The photo is of one seen near on Nov 07 near Pulau Semakau.

Sea turtles, however, are in dire straits.

On nearby Trengganu shores, originally famous for their sea turtle sightings, only dead turtles are washing up. They were killed by fishermen's nets.

Thousands of sea turtles washed up on the Orissa shores, also killed by fishermen activities. Dead sea turtles are also washing up on shores in the UK.

Besides fishermen, sea turtles are also killed by when they eat plastic bags, which they mistake for their natural jellyfish prey. There is also some concern that overharvesting of jellyfish for the seafood trade are starving sea turtles.

The loss of sea turtles is one of the factors thought to have caused the explosive growth of toxic jellyfishes in the Mediterranean where they plague tourists at the sea shore.

There are some positive signs.

A recent study shows conservation of nesting sites can allow a recovery of sea turtle populations.

The SEE turtle project was recently launched to raise awareness of the plight of these magnificent animals.

In the Philippines, conservation efforts have converted former dynamite fishermen into protectors of sea turtles and marine life.

Cuba recently banned the hunting of sea turtles, while some in some US cities, there are new rules to dim lights on the shores to avoid disturbing nesting sea turtles.

Nearer home, read more about initiatives to protect sea turtles in the peninsula in the Sea Turtle Specials on the wildasia website. Learn more about hawksbills in the peninsula, sea turtle conservation in Malaysia with fact sheets about our sea turtles and the major threats to them, and more about saving our sea turtles and what you can do to conserve them.

You CAN make a difference for our sea turtles

  • Don't buy sea turtle products Trinkets or products made from turtle shell or leather. Food and medicinal products made from sea turtle eggs, meat, oils and fat.
  • Dispose of rubbish properly Jellyfish are among the favourite food of sea turtles. Sea turtles that mistakenly eat floating plastic bags and balloons may eventually die.
  • Don't discard fishing nets and fishing lines in the sea. Sea turtles breathe air. If they are trapped in abandoned nets and fishing lines, they may drown.
  • Protect our marine habitats They are homes to our sea turtles.
  • Be a responsible boater Be careful when travelling near reefs and seagrass areas where sea turtles are often found.
  • Be a responsible diver If you encounter a sea turtle, do not disturb or harass it.
  • Be a responsible tourist Visiting a beach famous for its sea turtles? Support turtle-friendly businesses there. Don't walk on the beach at night. Find out more about the sea turtles there and their habitats.


Anonymous said...

Sea Turtles are awesome, magnificant creatures. I've travelled all the way to Sipidan (Borneo) to see them, not realising they are just off Singapore's shores.

Renee said...

are the turtles in Kusu Island conserved already?