Our shores on TV: "Once Upon a Tree - Tides and Coastlines"

A new series on Arts Central airs on 19 Feb (Tue) at 9.30pm.

Learn more about our shores as Shawn Lum and co-host Sue-Lyn kick off the first episode with a look at the Marina Barrage and Kusu Island.

"After a successful first series exploring our natural heritage and learning the importance of forest trees and their intrinsic values, Once Upon a Tree returns to the screen again, this time turning its attention to our waters.

The Sea is a proverbial window to the rest of the world. It was also what brought commerce, stories, culture and life to our island. Its this theme of "together-ness" that will be our main focal point in the first episode.

What similarities does a research doctor have in common with a retiree? Host Dr. Shawn Lum finds out. Shawn also explores the abundant marine life found along our financial hub and speaks to an engineer behind the Marina Barrage. A construction that will affect both humans and the inhabitants of the water.

Co-host Sue-Lyn is off to investigate the inter-tidal habitats of Kusu Island with guest expert Yu-Chen. What will they find in the muddy waters? Find out in Once Upon a Tree - Tides & Coastlines."

Time: 9.30pm Arts Central
Website: http://artscentral.mediacorptv.sg/

What do people think about this first episode?
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