Talk by the Hantu Bloggers at Maris Stella High School

'Southern Haunt' exploded the myths that there is little life left in Singapore murky waters, or that diving is even possible!

On 15 Feb, about 50 students were treated to Debby Ng's stories about Pulau Hantu's underwater beauty and the threats it faces, while Toh Chay Hoon also shared about all our other wildlife beneath the sky - from spiders and lizards to slugs and bugs!

From their reactions and bizarre questions, it was apparent the students were intrigued and astonished.

See Pulau Hantu for yourself and join the Hantu Bloggers for their Anniversary Dive including a night dive on 23 Mar (Sun).

More about the talk, Pulau Hantu and how to join the Hantu Blgogers on the Hantu Blog.

Want the Hantu Bloggers to share their talk with your community or work group? Here's more details on reef talks offered by Debby and other speakers as part of the International Year of the Reef celebrations.

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