Nature Watch features our reefs and shores!

The latest issue of Nature Watch, a magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore) is all about our reefs and shores. It's packed with articles and gorgeous photos about all aspects of our marine heritage.

The lovely Teresa Teo Guttensohn graces the cover of this issue. Teresa points out that this is because she wrote the article about coconut trees: "Restore our humble coconut to its proud legacy".

There's also an article about some of our islands including "Kampung Ubin" and "Pulau Tekukor". Michelle Kiu, age 10, also shares views of a young shore explorer on "Kids on a Rocky Seashore".

There are also features on groups who work on our shores including the Naked Hermit Crabs.
and TeamSeagrass.And a feature on "Singapore's Shores are Alive!" by Ria of wildsingapore.

The fascinating issue is made complete with a selection of thoughtful and thought-provoking poems and photos by Joseph Lai of eart-h.comYou can buy a copy of Nature Watch Volume 15 No. 1 Jan-Jun 2008 from the Nature Society (Singapore) as well as Nature's Niche.

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