25 Mar (Tue): Last episode of Once Upon A Tree

This is the last episode of the series! It features Pulau Hantu.

From the arts central website, here's the write up on episode .

Hopes & Future

The Following is a Note From Shawn (Host) & Suelyn (Co-host): We are more fact-ors than actors. For the final episode, we look at what might be in the pipelines for the future of Singapore waters. And for what it's worth, what is the future? Is it a place, a person, an idea?

This was our last chance to fit everything in, everything from Corals to Wetsuits. We even went so far as to dispel the myth that clouds our water. We did all right. What? The crew? For now we are taking a break from each other.

This last episode will feature Pulau Hantu and the Hantu Bloggers! What fabulous timing as the Hantu Bloggers just celebrated their fourth anniversary!

And wow, another super fast, mega detailed review on Jun's ashira blog PLUS lots of secret behind-the-scenes photos of the people who made this series possible.

Here's links to entries about the previous episodes

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