Hantu Bloggers' 4th Anniversary Dive

The Hantu Bloggers had a series of fantastic dives on Sunday to celebrate their 4th Anniversary!

With great visibility, fabulous finds and lots more!

Visit the hantu blog for great photos as well as videos of their dives, which included a night dive. Sightings included 'Nemos', a sea whip goby, shark egg case, sting ray and more!

Chay Hoon also shares the Four Fantastic dives on her colourful clouds blog with sea stars, seahorse, frogfish and of course slugs galore, including an encounter with a nudibranch eating another nudibranch. There was also a pipefish that mimicked a sea whip!

MORE photos and stories also on the ashira blog.

Join the Hantu Bloggers on their next dive on 27 Apr (Sun) (more details on the hantu blog) or join their mailing list for updates of trips and activities.

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