MAD for turtles! for kids

Betsy, our resident turtle at Pulau Hantu, photo by Toh Chay HoonMAD (make a difference) for turtles!

A special series of kids' activities to be held at the Reef Celebrations!

by Cicada Tree Eco-Place and Raffles Institution.

Especially for kids! Come learn about turtles and how we can make a difference in their lives and the lives of their marine friends by loving our reefs! Kids will learn about turtles and our reefs through fun activities ...

  • Fishing for help: this 'fishing' game will teach young kids about the threats turtles face and the steps kids can take to help turtles.
  • A story and animation about turtles and jellyfish: kids will hear a story and watch an animation on a laptop, and then play a simple computer-based game which will teach them about the threats turtles face and the steps kids can take to help turtles.
  • Turtles and reefs game: in this game which is modelled after the game of "catching", kids will learn about the important of reefs for the survival of turtles.
  • Pledge: kids will sign pledge cards on how they can help protect our reefs and hence our turtles and their friends.

About Cicada Tree Eco-Place: Cicada Tree Eco-Place is a new non-profit non-government organisation which promotes nature, culture and eco-living through environmental education. founded in 2007 (ROS 1055/2007) by educators and environmentalists, cicada tree eco-place will begin programs for kids (5 to 10 years old) and schools at the jacob ballas children's garden from august onwards. Called mad lessons for wildlife, these lessons will focus on animals, plants and ecology and how each of us can make a difference by lessening our carbon footprint through simple daily eco-actions. To receive a schedule of topics and dates, please email celine low at

About Raffles Institution’s work with Cicada Tree Eco-Place: RI has a program called RESEARCH EDUCATION AND SERVICE-LEARNING (RESL) program where the boys work with a vwo or ngo to learn more about a particular area of need and respond to that need by an action-based project. 2 groups of 5 boys worked with Cicada Tree Eco-Place to learn more about turtles. Cicada Tree Eco-Place provided initial ideas on projects on turtles while the boys spent 6 months researching about turtles and turtle outreach, and came up with activities on turtles for young children and will try these activities out with kindergarten children within the next 2 weeks. The activities, suitable for ages 4 to 8 years old will comprise games, stories and animation.

9 Aug (Sat)
Time: 12.30am-1pm
Venue: Green Pavilion (at the Information Centre), Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens (above Taman Serasi foodcourt), more about getting there.

And what fabulous activities they were!

There were all kinds of games to help kids understand the threats to sea turtles and what we can do to make a difference.
A fishing game
A turtle game on laptops.
A boardgame with turtles.
Story-telling about turtles by Vilma herself.Which was really captivating!Thank you Vilma and friends!

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