Outreach for our reefs and other low tide happenings

This low tide period, the "I've been to Cyrene" button was launched and will be given to all those who go to Cyrene Reef and survive!

Amazing marine life were encountered during this period, with many first sightings by regular shore explorers.

The Bumphead bannerfish (Heniochus varias) was sighted during a reef survey of the Sisters Islands by the Blue Water Volunteers. Jeff shares these comments about the fish "When I first saw this fish, I couldn't believe my eyes! First time I have seen this in Singapore, and possibly a new record too! "
With more encounters on this trip on the colourful clouds blog.

Two blue Knobbly sea stars (Protoreaster nodosus) were spotted at Chek Jawa during a TeamSeagrass sesssion.
This strange sea cucumber was spotted at Cyrene Reef which none of the regulars have seen before.
Another first for the regulars was this beautiful cowrie spotted at Cyrene Reef.

This period, there was a lot of outreach efforts, with volunteers bringing decision-makers to see our shores. As well as documentation efforts to learn more about our shores, and efforts to clean up our shores.

The Naked Hermit Crabs also conducted a walk for staff from the Singapore Land Authority, SLA at the Chek Jawa Boardwalk.The Naked Hermit Crabs and friends introduced an intrepid team from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, URA to Cyrene Reef. Another group of first time visitors visited Cyrene again the following day. And Siva shares a video clip of the landing on this reef.

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore was out at Lim Chu Kang mangroves with Miss Earth Singapore! More photos of the beauties in boot(ies) on the Annotated Budak blog.

Updates on reef surveys at Kusu Island and Pulau Semakau were released by the Blue Water Volunteers.While TeamSeagrass was out monitoring our marine meadows in the wee hours of the morning on Sentosa and Chek Jawa.
And the young seagrassers of RGS were out at Labrador.

N. Sivasothi and Ria Tan also shared about our reefs and shores at the Reel Revolution event to encourage young filmakers to feature our social issues. As a result, young filmakers visited Cyrene Reef.

One person CAN make a difference for our reefs and shores. Here's more about how you can.

More blog entries about trips to our shores during this last series of low tides

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