Semakau Underwater! and other efforts for our reefs

The Blue Water Volunteers recently conducted a ReefFriends survey of Pulau Semakau.

Other sightings included a gianormous pufferfish!

Check out the fabulous photos of our glorious reefs there!

The Hantu Bloggers also did a dive at Pulau Hantu last Sunday. Check out their blog for updates on encounters.

If you are a diver, make a difference and volunteer to help learn more about our wonderful reefs. Join the Blue Water Volunteers. Or see them for yourself and go diving with the Hantu Bloggers.

Over the weekend, there was also a flurry of other outreach events.

The Naked Hermit Crabs conducted a sell-out walk at the Chek Jawa boardwalk for an enthusiastic crowd of 40 people!

Here's one of the many kind comments left in the Guestbook.
Many marine groups were also at EnviroFest to share about our shores, manning booths and giving talks. More about the happenings there on the wildfilms blog Day 1 and Day 2; and on the Hantu Blog as well as on the habitatnews blog featuring the baby dugong at the Toddycats booth.

Don't want to miss out on any reef and other wild activities? Check out the wildhappenings blog which email subscription and rss feed for weekly alerts on upcoming events.

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