Reef Check's Singing Contest: submit by 31 Dec 08

Sing the Year of the Reef Song on video and enter Reef Check's contest!First place - One US $1000 prize
Second place - One US $600 prize
Third place - One US $400 prize

Period for submitting your group video: 15 Sep - 31 Dec 08

Increase your chances of winning by

  • Creating a version of the Year of the Reef Song using instruments and musical arrangements, e.g. reggae, rock, or local style
  • Singing/filming at a place of meaning to your group, e.g. beach, temple, historical location
  • Dressing in attire that celebrates local culture or that represents your music genre/style
  • Singing in local language(s) or dialect(s)

During the 2008 International Year of the Reef (IYOR), help save reefs and share your creativity and culture with others by creating a video using the Year of the Reef Song. Reef Check Foundation (RCF) is running this contest with the goal of getting young people to learn more about the marine environment. In addition to having a lot of fun, you could win great prizes!

About This Contest: Three cash prizes will be awarded to the best group performances of the IYOR Song to help finance events or activities with an educational focus on the marine environment, such as a visit to a local aquarium, trip to the beach, acquisition of marine educational materials, etc.

This is an International Contest, free to enter, and groups from every part of the world are encouraged to participate. Participants must be part of a group (e.g. school, club, religious group, etc.). We will be looking for creative, original videos that reflect your culture and celebrate ocean conservation; technical video quality will not be judged.

More details on the Reef Check Singing Contest page.

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