Pink mangroves? Killer giant clams? and other questions answered

Hermit crabs "Big shell exchange"What happens when mangroves are exposed to pollution? How are hermit crabs with an empty shell like women at a shoe store? Do giant clams trap divers by clamping shut on them? And other intriguing questions about our reefs and shores were explored this past week!

What happens when mangroves are exposed to pollution?Chay Hoon blogs about Mangroves as bioindicators. She attended a Mangrove workshop conducted by Dr Jean Yong at RMBR. He had gone to Lim Chu Kang to collect some Bakau Minyak (Rhizophora apiculata) seedlings which had turned pink! The seedling is usually green, like the one on the left of the photo. Dr Yong said it's like a pregnant mother exposing to bad stuffs (eg radiation/second-hand smoking) and the baby gets affected.

How are hermit crabs and an empty shell like women at a shoe store?
Hermit crabs "Big shell exchange"
Ria blogs about hermit crabs at the Great Shell Exchange sharing more on how hermit crabs can literally sniff out empty shellls. She also explains why it's important not to take home any shells. Or to keep hermit crabs as pets.

Giant clams trap divers by clamping shut on their hands or feet!

Mei Lin our "Giant Clam Girl" blogs on this in Is this true? and dispells this misconception. In her work with them, she has found them to be very gentle creatures and she explains other reasons why this situation is impossible.

Who are these two?

Marcus blogs about the goby and snapping shrimp on Holemates and shares lots of links about the endearing relationship between these two different animals, as well as how to identify them.

How's Raffles Lighthouse reefs doing?

Jeff blogs about the recent deep transect with the results.

What happened on the City Footprints show about volunteers for our shores?

Jun did an instant review of the programme with lots of inside information.

What's new on the wildsingapore wildfacts site?

Family Cirratulidae
WORMS! With kind comments from Leslie Harris, Ria has updated flatworms, bristleworms and other worms on the wildfacts site.

What recent developments have been announced that impact on our shores?

Alas, several are listed on the wild shores of singapore

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