Comet, City Mangroves and other surprises

The big event of the fortnight was the launch of the Marina Barrage, festooned with perky Water Wallies. Near the Barrage was a small patch of mangroves! A Comet blazed and lit up a recent Hantu dive, while during the not-so-low tide some shores were explored with more interesting encounters.

The intrepid Hantu Bloggers had another fantastic dive at Pulau Hantu. Sightings included new nudis and the elusive and amazing Comet! Reef Check had a session at Pulau Jong and sightings of remoras.

A quick lowish tide check of Sentosa revealed surprises including a pair of snapping shrimps in Acropora hard coral!
Meanwhile, the launch of the Marina Barrage resulted in a barrage of blog posts. With overviews of this new reservoir in the city, and discovery of a little patch of mangroves on the Marina East side of the Barrage with mudskippers, blooming trees and busy fishermen.
At the same time, there was an effort to reach Marina East from the East Coast side with some adventures along the way. There were also explorations to the other side of St John's Island and at Pulau Semakau.

Outreach for the shores

The Barrage was also the location of this year's Clean and Green Singapore launch. The young seagrassers from RGS who are monitoring Labrador meadows had a booth to share about our seagrass meadows.
Throughout the Carnival, there was also a whole range of talks about our reefs, marine biodiversity and Chek Jawa among others.

The NParks portion of the Carnival also had an interesting wall for people to leave comments about our wild places. There were some comments about our shores.

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