Upcoming TeamSeagrass Orientation 27 Sep (Sat)

Want to make a difference for our shores? Curious about our seagrasses and the wacky team that monitors our marine meadows?

Want to get a glimpse of some of their adventures? And find out more about what actually happens during a monitoring session?

Come for the annual TeamSeagrass Orientation session. It happens only once a year!

There'll be a quick introduction of our seagrasses and monitoring methods, aimed especially at those who have just joined the team. And quick look at some of past adventures throughout this year.

It's also PARTY TIME! A chance for seagrassers new and old to get to know one another.

Not on the Team yet? Just join us!

If you've always wanted to join TeamSegrass, now is a great time to do so. You'll get a proper introduction to the seagrasses and to the Team, at this annual seasonal gathering of Seagrassers.

How to join? Simply email these details
(a) your full name
(b) your age
(c) your email address
(d) your contact number
(e) any previous experience
to Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com, please put "TeamSeagrass" in your subject header.

Please do read the FAQs on the teamsegrass blog for more details about the programme.

Time: 2-6pm
Venue: Function Room, Botany Centre
Location map http://www.sbg.org.sg/tanglincore/tanglincore.asp
How to get there http://www.sbg.org.sg/visitorinfo/openinghours.asp
Website: http://teamseagrass.blogspot.com/
Contact: Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com

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