Big Stars and other highlights of the low tide

Explorers had a quick look at our shores during the last of the pre-dawn low tides for the year. Among the amazing encounters were Very Large Stars and stunning sunrises.

Although Changi is often dismissed as a reclaimed shore, it remains very much alive with intriguing finds on almost every trip.

Besides the usual stunning variety of beautiful sea stars that is commonly seen there, a strange anemone was also encountered.
Most astounding was the encounter with Very Large Stars. Unfortunately, they were dead and disintegrating, although smaller living individuals of these Luidia sea stars were seen on previous trips.Where do these large stars hang out when they are alive? Why were so many dead ones encountered? There is indeed so much yet to find out about our shores.

Meanwhile, a quick trip to Kusu Island resulted in an encounter with a pretty shrimp goby and its associate, the snapping shrimp. This odd couple share a burrow, with the keen eyed fish keeping a look out, while the more short-sighted but well armoured shrimp tidies up their hideout. Other sightings on this shore included loads of mating sea stars.
As well as beautiful corals and clown anemonefishes.
And of course, a beautiful sunrise. Kusu Island lies just 15 minutes away from the city centre! City Reefs: uniquely Singapore!

Another quick trip to the smaller of the Sisters Islands rewards with views of rich living reefs, crowded with lifeforms.Among the sightings there were a giant clam, special anemone and this very large bright red feather star, shared on facebook.
The Hantu Bloggers also made their monthly foray beneath the waves at our wild reefs at Pulau Hantu.
And the reefs there are most definitely alive! There were sightings of seahorses, fishes galore. Alas, also some abandoned fishing lines, which were duly removed.

It was also a NUDIful day for nudibranch diehards. With sightings of new nudis as well as lots of the more familiar of these colourful slugs.
The Hantu dive resulted in a sighting of a special fish that merited a record at the Raffles Museum!

Other shore activities this week includes the free guided walk at the Chek Jawa boardwalk by the Naked Hermit Crabs.

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