New record seagrass for Singapore!

Shared on the latest Seagrass-Watch newsletter, Halophila decipiens is a new record for Singapore!

Also in the newsletter, more about the exploits of TeamSeagrass with a focus on Cyrene Reefs.

The newsletter is packed with information about seagrasses around the world, including Australia, Kuwait, the Maldvies and Papua in Indonesia. The work of TeamSeagrass in Singapore contributes to a global effort to understand and protect seagrasses everywhere.
There's also a whole section about sea cucumbers, those curious creatures we often encounter on our seagrass meadows too.

Download the PDF of the Seagrass-Watch newsletter to read the full articles!

To be a part of this effort in Singapore, simply join TeamSeagrass. More about how to join the Team.

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