Sluggish on F1 day and other recent reef happenings

While F1 was going on, things were sluggish at Pulau Hantu with sightings of nudis galore, and acoel flatworms as well as a strange pipefish that had gone to the dark side.

Lots of photos shared including a video clip of a six-banded angelfish. Among the surprises were these amazing Tritonia nudibranchs.
Apparently in California, they grow to as long as 30 cm and weigh nearly 2 kg! The ones at Hantu are much smaller.

Meanwhile the Semakau guides brought a bunch of kids on the intertidal walk for Children's Day.More about their day out on the many blog posts by the various guides.

Over at Chek Jawa, the Naked Hermit Crabs also conducted the usual end of the month guided tour of the boardwalk.

TeamSeagrass had their annual get together to get updates and discuss new directions and share about the Seagrass Experience!

Things are a little slow as there are few spring lows this time of the year. But those lows are coming up soon!

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