Highlights of the lows: corals, seagrasses and more!

As the evening low tides begin, exploration of our shores continues. There's also lots of outreach activities through public walks, as well as monitoring work for our shores.

Way before the low spring tides started, the Blue Water Volunteers conducted a reef survey of the fantabulous reefs of Raffles Lighthouse (on Pulau Satumu).
photo from HBing's memoriesWith more photos and yet more photos and video clips of clown anemonefish and sweetlips. There were also some recent media reports about Raffles Lighthouse as part of Maritime Week.

The Star Trackers and friends visited Cyrene Reef, despite all odds. As usual, lots of work got done and all kinds of marine life were encountered. This tiny gorgeous slug was found and photographed.
While a strange anemone was filmed and a Giant clam spotted.And this strange slug found on seagrass!
TeamSeagrass was also hard at work during the recent low tides. Young Seagrassers from RGS were at Labrador to check up on the seagrasses there. The Sentosa monitoring found the seagrasses doing well, and there was also a huge bloom of seaweeds there. Here's a video clip of the various marine life at Sentosa.There was a strong turn out of the Team for Chek Jawa monitoring.
It was also a chance to do a quick check on recovery on Chek Jawa especially the coral rubble area, with three baby Knobbly sea stars seen and strange behaviour observed between butterflyfish and peacock anemone.

Changi was also visited with sightings of sea stars galore and this strange sea cucumber.Elsewhere on Changi, cute worms and other creatures were seen.

When it's super low, it means there's a super high tide too. What happens at super high tide on Chek Jawa? and more about tides in Singapore.

The Blue Water Volunteers also conducted a walk at Kusu Island (but have yet to blog about it). Marcus shares a glimpse into what happens during the Kusu pilgrimage. While on Semakau there was an intertidal walk as well as the CEO Run. There was also a field trip to Sisters Island.

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