Strange moon and other marvels: highlights of the lows

During the recent series of low tide trips, explorers not only saw more marine marvels, but also a lunar eclipse!

What's MORE adorable than a Nemo? What's happening on Cyrene Reef?

The lunar eclipse was quite an interesting phenomenon for shore explorers out that night. Although the tide at Changi was not as low as expected, there were still interesting finds including a dead shark.

What could be more squeal inducing than a 'Nemo'? Really tiny baby Nemos! False clown anemonefishes (Amphiprion ocellaris) are quite regularly seen in our sea anemones, and of course, they must surely have babies! Marcus shares this photo and story of the babies on his budak blog.This same trip to the Sisters Islands also involved encounters with strange fishes, masses of mushrooms and pinching hermit crabs.

The last trip to Cyrene at sunrise for the year included lots of first timers.They had a quick look at the wonderful reefs and shores there, despite the ominous weather.While the Star Trackers continued to work hard to monitor the magnificent Knobbly sea stars on Cyrene. Dredging is now ongoing next to Cyrene Reefs, as well as reclamation works nearby at Pasir Panjang Port.

Meanwhile, Kok Sheng encounters a star-studded shore at Pasir Ris. Although NEA has closed this shore to swimming due to poor water quality. There were sea stars small and big as well as lots of other marine life.
The crocodile at Pasir Ris that has been in the news in the past week or so.
seemed to have been caught today.

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