East Asian Seas Congress 2009 Photo Contest

With the theme, "The Coast, The Ocean, My Community", they're looking for entries that demonstrate local actions. There's categories for youth, amateurs and professionals.

More about the photo contest and submission forms.

Here's more about the East Asian Seas Congress 2009

The five-day EAS Congress 2009 will include the Third Ministerial Forum, the International Conference on Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Development, the EAS Partnership Council Meeting, Exhibition on Good Practices and Innovative Technologies, the 2nd EAS Youth Forum, Business Forum, Field Visits, and other side events or activities.

International Conference on Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Development(23-25 November 2009)

The International Conference will gather various stakeholders – policymakers, resource and economic managers, business professionals, scientists, members of the academe, local and international NGOs, youth and community representatives and other members of civil society from within and outside the East Asian Seas region – to engage in knowledge sharing and partnership building.

Third Ministerial Forum (25-26 November 2009)

The Third Ministerial Forum is expected to provide policy direction for improving and strengthening the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA), i.e., the adopted regional strategy of the PEMSEA Country and non-Country Partners. The Ministers from PEMSEA participating countries are expected to deliver updates on their countries' efforts in sustainable coastal and ocean development, and reconfirm their individual and collective commitments to continuously address existing and emerging challenges besetting the East Asian Seas.

EAS Partnership Council Meeting (27 November 2009)

The Third EAS Partnership Council Meeting will be conducted as part of the EAS Congress 2009. This policymaking body, which is composed of 11 PEMSEA Country and 16 non-Country Partners, convenes to monitor and assess overall progress related to the implementation of the SDS-SEA. Based on the recommendations and commitments by the Partners and the Ministerial Forum, the Council will formulate a work program and identify partnership arrangements that further strengthen individual country and regional efforts in sustainable coastal and ocean development through the implementation of the SDS-SEA.

Second EAS Youth Forum (21-27 November 2009)

Specifically designed for young environmental enthusiasts, the 2nd EAS Youth Forum builds on the success of the 1st EAS Youth Forum in 2006, whereby the Youth Agenda for the Seas of East Asia was formulated and adopted. The 2nd EAS Youth Forum hopes to provide a platform for the youth of the EAS region to converge and be involved in a dynamic discussion of key issues and actions for the sustainable development of the coastal and ocean environment of the region. In line with the EAS Congress theme, the 2nd EAS Youth Forum will focus on the role and contributions of the youth on coastal protection and development in their respective communities in support of the Youth Agenda.

Exhibit on Innovative Technologies and Good Practices (22-27 November 2009)

The EAS Congress 2009 hopes to further strengthen understanding and appreciation to various actions and innovations undertaken in line with sustainable development of coasts and oceans by integrating the environmental exhibition with workshop and seminar discussions. Through the synergy of exhibit images and workshop discussions, the EAS Congress introduces an innovative manner of engaging Congress participants on coastal and ocean management discussions.

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