Stars of the Reef Celebrations

The Knobbly sea stars of Cyrene were the stars at Reef Celebrations! And 100 of them were up for adoption.

The first star was adopted by Prof Chou Loke Ming, Guest-of-Honour and marked the Launch of the IYOR in Singapore on 8 Aug (Fri)!Prior to that, November gave a short introduction to the stars.Assisted by the very lovely star ladies.There was a huge rush to adopt stars after the Launch. And a queue formed to get their favourite star!
It was more hard work sharing about our stars the following day at Reef Celebrations. November is our tireless Star Ambassador.
Vyna is also working very hard at the Star booth.The kids are intrigued by the stars!Here's some young adopters.
Sijie helping a young adopter add the name to her star.Stars are also adopted by groups, such as the Naked Hermit Crabs! (who have selected a star without knobs on the arms and called it 'nudistarre')And soon, many stars are adopted!At the end of the events, November is pleased to announce 26 stars have been adopted!

More about the adopt the star event:

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