Our stunning living reefs and outreach efforts for them

This past two weeks, some of our spectacular reefs were visited.

Many of our reefs are just minutes from the city centre!

Here's some glimpses of our rich wild reefs over the last two weeks.

We have lots of wild reefs and Pulau Hantu is a favourite among local divers. The Hantu Bloggers conduct regular dives there and had a fantastic dive on 27 Jul.With an amazing range of marinelife sighted on this local haunt for divers.

There were also intertidal visits to some of our spectacular reefs.

At St. John's Island a variety of hard corals were seen including this rarely encountered Pacheris sp.
The reefs there sheltered fishes of all kinds, including lots of small Blue-spotted fantail rays (Taeniura lymma).TeamSeagrass was at Pulau Semakau, another spectacular reef with special hard corals.
Some hard corals seen include the rare Echinopora sp. And beautiful Moon coral (Diploastrea heliopora).
Among these reefs were delightful fishes such as this juvenile Batfish.
And the fabulous Tomato anemonefish (Amphiprion fernatus) in its host, the Bulb-tentacled anemone (Entacmea quadricolor).

At Raffles Lighthouse, our most pristine reefs seem to be doing well.With a stunning assortment of some rare corals growing in profusion; truly a coral garden.
With a profusion of rarely seen corals such as Acropora hard corals.As well as other amazing reef animals.

Outreach activities during the period include a field trip with Straits Times to introduce Cyrene Reef and TeamSeagrass.The Naked Hermit Crabs also held an exciting walk on the Chek Jawa boardwalk on 27 Jul with wild boars and madcap mudskippers.
The walk clearly made an impression on the visitors, as indicated by their guestbook entries.
Nature Society (Singapore)'s Fun with Nature had kids out in the mangroves learning about horseshoe crabs and other icky mudflat creatures.The horseshoe crab rescue at Mandai resulted in a video clip with explanations on how to release the animals efficiently without hurting them.

To find out more about our reefs and the outreach efforts for them, come for Reef Celebrations on 9 Aug! See amazing sights, hear stories, all without getting your feet wet!

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