Launch of IYOR Singapore, 8 Aug 08

Today was the Singapore launch of International Year of the Reef (IYOR). And a whole bunch of volunteers and friends of the reefs came together to celebrate our reefs. Here's the Toddycats with the infamous baby dugong.Debby of the Hantu Bloggers is already hard at work even before the doors open.TeamSeagrass has an exhibit of live seagrasses!There's an exhibit about our first Coral Nursery.And the 100 Stars of Cyrene!
These 100 unique Singapore stars are up for adoption!
There's lot of fabulous goodies like stickers for visitors.Car decals and MORE stickers.
Even before we can begin, we have young visitors coming into the room to view the exhibits.
And leave heart-warming comments in the Celebration Guestbook.

So come for the Reef Celebrations on 9 Aug (Sat). All are welcome. Everyone is invited! The event is free for all.

For more behind the scenes goings on at the IYOR launch:

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