Colouring madness at Reef Celebrations

The Colouring Station was a huge hit at Reef Celebrations. Here's MORE photos of this event.
It was the most popular activity at Reef Celebrations! With a crowd forming almost as soon as we opened.
Hard at work.With a little encouragement from Sam.
Reviewing our work.
Here's mine!
Posing with our work.With mum.
This dedicated colourist won our hearts with his patient work.
Jani, the marine biologist, presents a labelled final result with beautifully coloured marine animals.Here's Chay Hoon, the artist of the fabulous drawings, colouring too!

The nudis as they should be, by Chay Hoon.Only the eyes were coloured in...hmmm...

The drawings are simply irresistable.Even the volunteers HAVE to have a hand at some.And who is responsible for the "fiery" nudi?The artists with their handiwork.
A closer look.
Another wacky one done by the volunteers.
Abby does a more muted 'moo' version.

Wow, we sure had fun!

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